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Long Beach, Statele Unite

I am essentially a happy person. I find my joy in the pleasure that friends and family bring to my life. In knowing that each new day is an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. That happiness is a choice we must consciously make everyday. I try to accept my shortcomings and emphasize my assets. I try to handle disappointment with aplomb, and celebrate my own triumphs and those of others. I treat my family and friends with the respect and love they deserve. I'm not afraid to speak my mind when my opinion is direct, tactful, and well informed. I know to remain silent when the situation requires. I am by nature very nurturing, sensitive, and level headed. Yet I appreciate spontaneity particularly when it comes to romance. I strive to be defined by the strength of my resolve and the truth of my word. I can laugh at myself and have been known to cry when it's necessary. I enjoy making others feel comfortable and safe around me. I love to make babies laugh in the supermarket or restaurants. I'm interested in meeting new people, making new friends, and allowing love and romance to take their place, If you are always honest, then I believe you deserve the same. What am I looking for? Someone who can keep up with me and knows how to make me relax as well. Someone who I can make laugh after they've had a rough day. Someone who can be alternatively silly and serious. And I think I'm looking for a little excitement too not the crazy, off the wall, almost kill yourself bungee jumping kind, but just something a little different, than work, dinner, TV. And I guess I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to hear what I'm thinking or 's about communication, but it's more than that, really. I want to be there for someone who wants me to just listen and who may or not want my opinion, and I'd like to find someone who can understand my open book personality when it comes to how I feel. Finally, I'm very goal oriented one of my goals is to try not to give up on being a good match for someone else and hoping that same person can be a good match for you took the time to read my profile, let me give you a heartfelt thank you.


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